There are quite a number of ways one can derive profits from Keplerswap and these will be shown in the ways which will be explained better as we go further in this article. Part of the ways are airdrops, referrals programs and even innovation. All these will be explained in…

It is not unnatural that every animal craves for space in form of their own niche. Imagine the way humans craves for space by demanding for their own houses/homes as a birth of adulthood, this can also be likened to how space creation is to Keplerswap users.

Keplerswap has developed…

Space is a unique feature on Keplerswap that helps build bridges between users by encouraging users to participate in the referral program and other space events. A user is regarded as a space creator and become a space owner when he ticked boxes below successfully;

1. He must be a…

In order to grasp the full understanding of defi2.0 there is a need to explain Defi first of all.

What is Defi?

The term DeFi is short form for “Decentralized Finance”. As inspired by blockchain technology, Defi is referred to as financial applications built on blockchain technologies.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)…

According to the short-term Roadmap presented on the KeplerSwap official website, the SDS presale is scheduled on Oct. 15th, followed by the global beta test on Oct. 20th and the formal launch of KeplerSwap on Oct. 27th! Based on this Roadmap, you can strive to be included in the Whitelist.

SPACE is imperative for the Keplerswap ecological development and is also a means to achieve decentralized autonomy. Space is one of keplerswap core features and a very big innovation of keplerswap as a matter of fact.

Explained below are ways to participate in keplerswap space;

Ø Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)…

In my sojourn as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I have never experienced an innovation close to what keplerswap offers especially with the lucky pool and space but for the sake of this write-up we’ll be focusing on lucky pool.

What is keplerswap lucky pool?

Lucky pool is one of keplerswap three…

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