Benefits of Keplerswap

Adeniyi Adedeji
3 min readSep 8, 2021

Kepler planet is foreseen to be the next most habitable planet in the universe. Digital currency is projected to be the highest liquidity medium of exchange while decentralized finance (DeFi) will be the most effective framework for digital finance. Keplerswap is therefore the most efficient platform for DeFi.

Our vision is to achieve, build and implement a large-scale decentralized finance. DeFi application platform to support economic activities using blockchain technology. To continuously innovate and build upon our team’s success and achievements from the initial creation of kepler.

Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains, the most common being Ethereum. DeFi platforms allow people to lend or borrow funds from others, speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risks, and earn in savings-like accounts. DeFi uses a layered architecture and highly composable building blocks.

DeFi is a platform where financial products are available to everyone on an open public decentralized blockchain network. It avoids additional fees being charged by a middleman like banks or brokerages. This has implications namely:

· Transactions are made directly between participants by using a set of smart contracts.

· DeFi services provided by cryptocurrency exchanges are not decentralized but it uses a digital asset as collateral.

DeFi development is currently at version 1.0 and it comes with its own limitations. We are now seeing the arrival of version 2.0 of DeFi development.

Compared to DeFi 1.0, the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem created by KeplerSwap has several distinct advantages:

o KeplerSwap is dedicated to breaking the old trading model of DeFi 1.0 by creating a strong vertical link between users and a strong horizontal link between all members in the ecosystem, making KeplerSwap the standard dynamic trading platform.

o KeplerSwap offers a weekly Lucky Pool to incentivize outstanding liquidity pool providers. It helps to maintain an interest in user liquidity contribution.

o KeplerSwap offers Contribution Award to reward outstanding SPACE owners. A SPACE owner is defined as a market maker that creates an amount of liquidity to the system. Members are polled for outstanding SPACE owners. The prize is accumulated from a 30-days liquidity contribution pool. At the adoption stage, KeplerSwap will grant full governance and decision-making right to the community members. Making poll function universally available to the members is the first step towards decentralized governance.

o The founding team will delegate the governance right and decision-making power to community members as soon as possible. When all decisions are jointly made by members, a decentralized governance model is formed. Motivated members will have an interest to participate in community activities to achieve a better outcome in the development of the platform. All members are stakeholders of the community.

o KeplerSwap provides a sophisticated and open cross-chain platform for DeFi services only. By realizing this technology innovation, technologist and influencers can tap into this blossoming greenfield project for countless innovative DeFi project ideas. DeFi 2.0 will be a major improvement from DeFi 1.0. By encouraging user engagement, it will shift the focus from just reaping mining rewards to building a sustainable platform for long term liquidity contribution. This is the future of DeFi 2.0.

Kepler hopes to achieve the following goals:

o Distribute transaction fees to users that provide liquidity and market making activities to encourage long-term rigid liquid funds.

o Encourage users to expand horizontal link voluntarily and protect advantaged assets.

o Not engage in token distribution in the form of ICOs and achieve decentralized governance of the platform.

These are all the benefits of Keplerswap and more is to come in the future because keplerswap is the future of cryptocurrency.



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