Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readJun 3, 2022


As we all know social has different definition or meaning as far back as the word goes, but in the contextual understanding of the internet it relates to “the media or networks”. While mining on the other hand, figuratively speaking, it is any activity that extracts or undermines.
Therefore, social mining is a multi-chain community building and governance ecosystem which consists of different areas and entities.
In social mining, the available tasks community members can carry out include content writing, infographics, content creation, social media influencing and so on and so forth.
In social mining, three indexes are the most essential, which are; influence, reputation and points.
1. Influence: This represents your position in the social mining DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where higher influence will give you more voting power within the ecosystem’s governance and vice-versa
2. Reputation: This represents the quality of a user’s contribution.
3. Points: This on the other hand, represents the quantity of a user’s contribution.
Members easily get rewarded on the social mining platforms after the work has been approved by validators due to their accrued points and reputation.
Additionally, members can easily connect to their social media platforms like twitter and telegram by signing on the platform, completing the on-boarding survey, then when successfully connected to the social mining platform, the twitter and telegram reward will be allocated according, to the said member.
The work drop is the payment mechanism of the work done which will be paid into the non-custodial wallet dropped on the platform and this is calculated by number of points and reputation level.
It is safe to conclude that social mining is social as these are tasks that can be carried out at any of our comfort zone so long as one can access his/her social media accounts through the use of internet and belong to the community. Furthermore, this eradicates the traditional way of working for me whereby I have to drive to a physical location to and fro or to queue at the bus station. Social mining to me represent an embodiment of freedom in work.

Adeniyi Adedeji

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