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2 min readSep 8, 2021

Throughout civilization, humans have caused irreversible damage to the planet earth while also facing environmental disasters produced by themselves in turn.

After years of collecting deep space data from the Kepler Mission, it has been discovered by researchers that many planets outside our solar system are suitable for human habitation and they named it after Kepler.

As speculated by Natalie Betalha, kepler is the first planet discovered in the habitable zone where liquid water exists on the planet’s surface and this was announced on December 5 2011.

Based on the discovery, the Kepler team is inspired by the idea that Kepler can become the next perfect livable planet in the universe and to the team, Kepler represents a new beginning for civilization living without pollution, war, boundary, totalitarianism, and unfairness.

Keplerswap is a smart contract based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is working on realizing multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation, meanwhile it is also the first decentralized exchange under DeFi2.0 structure (this will not be covered under the scope of this write-up). In addition to having full access to DeFi 1.0 services, keplerSwap also provides other services such as; Referral Program, SPACE, Lucky Pool and so on.

KeplerSwap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. Under a Decentralized Market Agreement, it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.

In 2020, the issuance of sovereign digital currency has created a rapid development of the decentralized financial technology globally. It is expected that traditional finance will evolve alongside in a decentralized model using blockchain technology. Decentralized finance (‘DeFi’) will increase the immeasurable value that sovereign digital currency has created. Overall, DeFi is the best concept as a financial instrument for mankind. Kepler technology is rolling out DeFi version 2.0. It will be built to handle large scale and unprecedented decentralized financial system needs. Additionally, it will be a newly designed DeFi platform that has fairer and more reliable methods of participation. Together, we are building a new decentralized financial world.

Unlike every Defi project that has gone ahead before, Keplerswap brings an innovative approach to their projects which is interesting and attractive by default. In conclusion, KeplerSwap’s self-knowledge is rooted in its creativity and has led it to the heights and depth of the world of cryptocurrency.



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