Keplerswap: A project worth investing on

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readOct 6, 2021

Before investing on any cryptocurrency project, there are a couple of factors to look out for and I would love to announce to the world at large that keplerswap possesses all of these attributes and even more than expected. There are 5 major factors to consider before investing on any project which includes the team, the product, blockchain requirement, token economics and community traction. Kindly read along as we explain all these terms below;

1. The team: the primary thing to look for in a team is if they have blockchain experience, if they have coded blockchain before, what fields they come from and how is their experience relevance to the blockchain they are building. It is with great pleasure that keplerswap team is able to answer all these questions with the team of professionals they have built and with enough experience as well.

2. The product: it’s essential to know if the project has a product on the blockchain, if it’s possible to experience it, play with it, explore its features and observe the transactions on the blockchain. If there is a live product, it means the team has experience building a DApp (Decentralized application), and has made some significant effort on their end before going out to the market and raise money.

3. Blockchain requirement: Does the core concept truly require a blockchain to execute? Blockchains are not easy to build — why is the company using one? Some concepts are decentralized and some are not — however, sometimes it is beneficial to be on the blockchain even if the concept is not decentralized, in order to convey trust, for example, land registration. It is necessary to know why the company is taking the blockchain approach.

4. Token economics: Does the token have a stable coin concept — that means, is there an incentive for a user to hold the token, and not just buy and sell? This could be in the form of premium features, or incentives on the platform for token-holders. If that is so, then that means that the token itself is likely to appreciate.

5. Community traction: What is the strength of the project’s telegram group? What is their reach on Twitter? How active is the community? There needs to be a significant number of people active in the project’s community — this shows that the token has a wide reach and is not just limited to the team’s network.

In conclusion, these are the things to look out for in a project and with great pleasure keplerswap has solved all of these bit by bit and it is 100% safe to invest in this project and join the moving train fast.



Adeniyi Adedeji

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