Keplerswap as the launcher of Defi2.0

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readOct 27, 2021


In order to grasp the full understanding of defi2.0 there is a need to explain Defi first of all.

What is Defi?

The term DeFi is short form for “Decentralized Finance”. As inspired by blockchain technology, Defi is referred to as financial applications built on blockchain technologies.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is likely to have a significant impact on how banks operate in the future and even has the potential to shift the structure of the whole financial system at a macroeconomic level. Before we discuss and substantiate this hypothesis, we would first like to introduce the core concept of DeFi.

Decentralized Finance or “DeFi” in short, is an umbrella term encompassing the vision of a financial system that functions without any intermediaries, such as banks, insurances or clearinghouses, and is operated just by the power of smart contracts. DeFi applications strive to fulfill the services of traditional finance (also coined as Centralized Finance, or just CeFi) but in a completely permissionless, global and transparent manner.

What distinguishes Defi2.0 from Defi1.0?

While Defi1.0 is the initial ecosystem built on decentralized finance, Defi2.0 is a new humankind Defi ecosystem. In the ecology of Defi1.0, members lack the motivation to participate in ecological construction. Defi1.0 is cold and lacks effective development of the time, Defi2.0 can spread the decentralized financial system that provides a strong potency of liquidity through peer to peer links. Similarly, the same way web1.0 is a simple one-way dissemination of information, web2.0 is a two-way interaction between users and websites, users and users, websites and websites and the information can actually communicate and interact.

The ultimate aim of Keplerswap is to ensure that users can establish close horizontal links at the same time with the formation of a strong vertical link. Keplerswap is the first decentralized exchange under DeFi2.0 structure, besides having full access to Defi 1.0 services, Keplerswap also provides other services such as Referral Program, SPACE, Lucky Pool etc., which solves many issues that Defi 1.0 has not solved.

Finally, as an explorer of DeFi 2.0, keplerswap hopes to build the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem. In the future, Keplerswap will attract global geeks to conceive technological innovations that will bring more opportunities for decentralized finance.



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