Keplerswap dapps features and profit mechanism

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readNov 10, 2021


Keplerswap has five main decentralized exchange (DEX) functions; which are swap, pool, relation lucky pool, space and referral. I would love to tell you about each function.

Swap: under this function, you can swap your SDS token (Keplerswap governance token) to USDT and also add liquidity to gain more profit with our understanding of annual percentage rate (APR).

Pools: this has two main functions which are;

a. It allows you to track your relation or referral bonus.

b. Secondly you can track your mining bonus and performance which dictates your added liquidity performance. This relation shows you the information and number of your referrals.

Relation lucky pool: this function as a prize pool, and those who can participate in the prize draw are the top 30% users in the liquidity market ranking. As long as you become the top 30%, you stand a chance to get 50% of the total prize pool and the remaining 50% is divided equally among 10 people.

Space function: for the space function, users can create their own space, and space creators will receive additional rewards in real time. The more space members and the more total participation in liquidity market making, the greater the rewards will be. Every 30 days a pole will be conducted, and the creators of the spaces that receive the top 20 votes will share equally the prizes within the space pool that have been accumulated for 30 days. All eco-participants either become space creators or join a space, and after joining a space they are free to choose whether or not to vote for that space.

Referral: referral as it is used here, is the code that you can use to invite members to join Keplerswap and it is either in letters or QR codes.

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