Keplerswap governance token (SDS) public sale

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readOct 20, 2021

It is a new dawn in the keplerswap ecosystem, while it is no longer news that the public sale of sds is here. Keplerswap aims to build the next generation of financial ecosystem Defi2.0. As suspected, there are three rounds in the public sale of sds.

First round: For the first round, this was launched on 15th Oct 2021 by 10:00 (UTC+0) at a price of 0.5 USDT per SDS and for not more than 100,000 sds.

Second round: for the second phase, this will be at a price of 0.8 USDT per sds and not more than 900,000 sds.

Third round: for the third round, this will be at a price of 1 USDT per sds and not more than 3,000,000 sds.

Explained below is the purchase process;

1. Enter the public sale website link,, through your Google browser.

2. Open your Metamask Wallet and connect it to the Public Sale site.

3. Go to settings and click on Custom RPC and configure the network with following information. The BSC chain network should be chosen before configuring this.

Note: Binance Smart Chain Create a new RPC URL: Chain ID: 56 Code: BNB Chain Browser:

Refresh the Public Sale site till “connect to your wallet” pops up. Connect and enter amount you want to purchase and click “Buy”.

Please take the following key tips of the SDS Public Sale for reference:

· Every account can buy tokens for only once and the maximum amount is 5000 USDT. Users will fail to proceed with the second transaction. Use a new account as the alternative if you want to continue to buy the tokens.

· The access to the Public Sale fits all, including but not limited to Whitelist members.

· SDS is currently released on BSC or Binance Smart Chain. Please prepare USDT (BEP20) fees in advance.

· A handful of BNB used as GAS fees is required in your account. We suggest that the fees you prepare stand at not less than 0.004BNB.

This is the exciting time we have been waiting for and I’m glad to be a part of it!



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