Keplerswap- Honey but no honeypot

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readSep 14, 2021

What exactly is the term honeypot in the niche of cryptocurrency I wonder? Don’t look too far, the answer is right here; A honeypot is a smart contract that pretends to leak its funds to an arbitrary user (victim), provided that the user sends additional funds to it. However, the funds provided by the user will be trapped and at most the honeypot creator (attacker) will be able to retrieve them. This is also slightly different from a rug pull project, in the English lexicon rug pull simply means to pull out rug from under someone. That is, to suddenly take away important support from someone whereas in the context of crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), having been rug pulled means to have liquidity removed from a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity pool.

Now driving my point back home, keplerswap is a project that promises a lot of honey but with neither honeypot nor rug pull based on the structure which would be briefly highlighted below;

1. Decentralized Exchange Protocol: Keplerswap will enable more decentralized exchange protocols to interoperate with other public blockchains using multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation features after a period of successful commissioning.

2. Transaction Fee: It is ideal for transaction fees to be charged on cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike many other Decentralized Platforms, keplerswap returns a very good amount of transaction fees to its customers.

transaction fees distribution

3. Open Technology & Innovation

The goal of KeplerSwap is to make the DeFi 2.0 explorer platform accessible to the most open and innovative decentralized environment possible. KeplerSwap will bring together global geeks to co-create technological advances and expand the scope of decentralized finance. Anyone can use the KeplerSwap DeFi platform because it uses a decentralized on-chain transaction method. Decentralized governance is a reality since no one has central control rights. In the future, there is no reason to trust pseudo-decentralized institutions. Machines and smart contract codes contain all trusts. Technically, blockchain protocols are open source. Anyone can contribute to the protocol to create new financial products, and KeplerSwap adoption will grow as a result of the network effect created by technological advancements.

4. Liquidity Pools- LP:

The public interest in DeFi operations has grown in terms of worldwide financial transactions. The primary driving force is “liquidity withdrawal,” which is a mechanism for initiating liquidity.

With all of these highlighted structural points about keplerswap above, it is easy to conclude therefore, that upward trajectory is its only movement.



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