Keplerswap Lucky pool

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readOct 12, 2021


In my sojourn as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I have never experienced an innovation close to what keplerswap offers especially with the lucky pool and space but for the sake of this write-up we’ll be focusing on lucky pool.

What is keplerswap lucky pool?

Lucky pool is one of keplerswap three creative innovation (Launching on Defi2.0 and Space are the other two) as this is a significant way for keplerswap to give back to its users through trading.

What determines eligibility for lucky pool?
Eligibility to participate in lucky pool depends only on whether you participate in liquidity market making and the amount of money you have to market liquidity. You can also recommend others to participate in liquidity market making, which is one of the ways to participate in lucky pool. The qualifying user has only one draw opportunity during the week.

Note: Liquidity refers to how easy it is to convert cryptocurrency into cash quickly and whether this can be achieved without the asset’s value suffering. Liquidity can also be used when weighing up which exchanges enable trades between fiat and crypto to be completed instantly and without price slippage. The levels of liquidity will often depend on how many users the platform has.

In a perfectly competitive market, liquidity will erode the ability to charge a discounted price or a premium. This is because active trading of a cryptocurrency or any asset class helps avoid price distortions

How is the prize money distributed?

The prize can be distributed in such a way that one lucky user receives 50% of the total prize pool for the week, and the 50% of the remaining prize pool is allocated to the remaining qualified winners. The prize is to be collected by the winner at his own initiative within 72 hours. If not, the corresponding prize will roll back to the next week’s pool.

The above processes run automatically through smart contracts fully disclose and efficiently provisioned. Smart contract randomly selects several people, one of whom receives 50% of the total bonus and the other 50% distributed equally. This is very tempting and will greatly activate the community ecology!

Keplerswap continues to break through the glass ceilings of Defi1.0 through innovative features and will work with all of us to create a new financial ecosystem for Defi2.0 and perhaps the next lucky one is you!



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