Keplerswap: The Gold in the Mine

The advantages that comes with being an early adopter of a project cannot be over-emphasized especially in the blockchain industry; this is simply because early adopters get exposed to a project at an early stage. For those of us that have missed opportunities in the Solana, Ethereum, Binance blockchain and to mention a few, keplerswap is an opportunity that we must grab with both hands immediately.

To make good profits on an ecosystem, there must be an in-depth knowledge of that ecosystem. Early adopters of Decentralized Finance have consciously and intentionally dragged themselves to generational wealth by making use of products that exists in the ecosystem such as lending, staking, flash loans and so on.

Keplerswap is an explorer of Defi2.0, it is the first to establish a decentralized exchange protocol based on the BSC public chain and gradually realize multi-chain and cross chain aggregation. The governance token of keplerswap is SDS and this is estimated to be over a 1000 US dollars in the next few years, therefore buying and holding it now will be a golden idea. Another way to benefit from keplerswap is with the “lucky pool”.

What is lucky pool?

Lucky pool is a lottery pool where a percentage of transaction fee goes to. A draw is conducted every seven days after accumulation and 11 users that meet the criteria are randomly selected to win the pool prize. One user takes 50% of the pool while the other 10 users share the remaining 50% of the pool. Practically speaking, if the pool accumulated $100 this week and the random hash mechanism selected 11 users, while one user earns $50 (50%) the rest take $5 each (10% of the remaining $50). This is a very good way to earn money with the KeplerSwap ecosystem.

In conclusion, keplerswap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security, and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.

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