Keplerswap: The need for space

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readNov 3, 2021


It is not unnatural that every animal craves for space in form of their own niche. Imagine the way humans craves for space by demanding for their own houses/homes as a birth of adulthood, this can also be likened to how space creation is to Keplerswap users.

Keplerswap has developed a SPACE, not just any space, but a SPACE where immense benefits can be derived from. It’s important to note that before a space can be created, a user must have $100 and 100 SDS (keplerswap native token) which must be locked down for a period of 360 days.

The following are the features of space:

1. SPACE Creation- If a user contributes to liquidity market making and has referred other users to contribute in liquidity market making while meeting certain requirements, the user is eligible to submit a SPACE creation application. Once the application is approved, the user is entitled to be the SPACE Owner.

2. SPACE Voting- Each token holder is granted a right to vote in a SPACE election. Every user has to enter a SPACE and cannot be changed after entering.

3. SPACE Interests- SPACE Owner is granted all rewards related to liquidity market making from their SPACE members. If the SPACE Owner wins in the SPACE Voting, the owner may gain an extra reward from contribution pool.

4. Vote Counting- Voting period consists of 7 days, with the first 5 days being the voting period, and the last 2 days being the counting period.

5. Vote Withdrawal- no token can be withdrawn from the pool after voting.

SPACE is the main drive within the Keplerswap ecosystem. Think of a user’s ability to vote just by holding the SDS token. Keplerswap is set to cause a disruption in the Defi space because the idea is a unique feature that is peculiar only to keplerswap.

Finally, the top 20 SPACE owners will all share the rewards accumulated in the SPACE Pool every 30 days through a vote. Get involved so you don’t miss out of this offer!



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