Space creation on keplerswap

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readNov 3, 2021


Space is a unique feature on Keplerswap that helps build bridges between users by encouraging users to participate in the referral program and other space events. A user is regarded as a space creator and become a space owner when he ticked boxes below successfully;

1. He must be a holder of SDS (SDS is the Keplerswap native token).

2. Must be a liquidity provider (value must be locked for 12 months on keplerswap),

3. Must have successfully invited a required amount of new users.

It is important to also note that space owners also stand the chance of receiving additional rewards, bearing in mind that the higher the number of space members, the greater the number of members participating in the liquidity pool, the higher the reward will be.

What is Space voting and space interest?

SPACE VOTING: Space voting is the right and license given to a keplerswap native token holder(that is SDS holder) to participate or vote in a space election.
SPACE INTEREST: Space owner is granted all rewards to liquidity market making from their space members. If the space owner wins in the space voting, the owner may gain an extra reward from the contribution of its members.

In conclusion, a space is a free and available environment offered to a certified KeplerSwap user so as to enable him/her grow and move the project from his own confine, enlighten his immediate environment with the information and updates he/she has about KeplerSwap DeFi 2.0 project, bring in some new strategies that originally were not known all for the consistent growth of the project and also have the freedom to act and function in matters for the furtherance of the project good. Why not join KeplerSwap DeFi 2.0 project today, get your bags filled up with its token(SDS) and find your way in so that you can be that next lucky space owner.



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