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For the oblivions, alien worlds is a metaverse that is built by its community to collect and play with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and it is thereby built with the planetary syndicate and much more.

One of many interesting facts about alien worlds is that it was built by explorers like myself and other readers of this work and part of what the members of the community are building, hosting and playing ranges from:
The “Battledome": Here, one can earn weekly rewards after competing for newly added (trilium) prizes.

  • Mission control: this is another weekly quest game where players can earn a portion of a trilium prize pool for participating.
  • JR’s lands: It is essential to mine on JR’s lands and earn NFTs in this ongoing circus themed event. Here, the first 10 players to mine each hour get a free NFT.
  • ZOS and Alien worlds: This is a zombie survival game. Here, you can play with alien worlds NFTs in this zombie survival game. All you need to do is to complete supply runs either as a team or on your own if you can.

Meanwhile in Alien worlds, there are some powerful tools that are coming to the outpost and they are new at the same time. The mint race heats up soon with the upcoming release of ten new tool NFTs which are soon to be available in the outpost. Such additions promise to offer enhanced optimisation option for our mining rig. To break it down further, the emergence collection will feature “eight common tool", “one rare tool" and “one legendary tool". Now at this juncture, if I were you I would get my popcorn and a clean relaxation drink sit back and enjoy the explanation of each of this emergence collection tool. Starting with COMMON TOOLS!
Shiny explosive: This was inspired by basic explosive and provides a balanced mining experience with a 1,500 charged time.

  • Extreme extractor: this is an upgrade from the power extractor. This new tool is geared towards trilium mining but also provides a small burst of NFT power.
  • Exo claws: With the addition of a little amount of Trilium mining power, this updated version of the Exoglove enables you to mine for NFT points more swiftly than Trilium.
  • Dusty extractor: this one right here is inspired by gasrigged extractor. It provides a balanced mining experience for players wanting to excavate trilium and NFT points.
  • Plasmatic extractor: this is closely related to the infused extractor. This new common tool was designed with trilium miners in mind by combining plasma with the extractors, engineers were able to add considerable efficiency to the extraction process.
  • Cymatic saw: This is a powerful saw that marks the second generation of manipulator technology and provides you with plenty of trilium mining power plus enough NFT mining power to make your excavation efforts fee balanced.
  • Rookie Treasure Locator (RTL): this is a tool that was designed with the intention of achieving the opposite effect of the basic trilium detector in mind. The RTL provides easy access to mining NFT points for explorers wanting to start building their NFT collection.
  • Certified Kol Digger (CKD): the name of this tool is inspired by the infamous kol who Neri defeated during syndicate activation. This is closely related to the power extractor but it’s a fast charging tool that provides a balanced mining experience with a fast charged time so that you can maximise your number of mining attempts.

The aforementioned are examples of the eight common tools but a typical example of the rare NFT tool is “DRAXOS HAMMER".

The DRAXOS HAMMER provides DRAXOS fans an opportunity to assemble a trilium focused mining rig with a fair amount of NFT power added for good measure.

Finally, a very good example of the legendary NFT tool is an “ETHER CONVERTER". The Ether Converter is the pinnacle of efficiency, boasting an astounding 42 Trilium and 28 NFT power for the standard stone shine. It will be great to include one in your setup so you can step away from it for extended periods of time and still get the intended outcome.

In conclusion, alien worlds NFTs can be used to build games, applications, events and experiences. So what are you waiting for, go and kick-start your NFTs collection now!



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