The Keplerswap space

Adeniyi Adedeji
2 min readOct 12, 2021

SPACE is imperative for the Keplerswap ecological development and is also a means to achieve decentralized autonomy. Space is one of keplerswap core features and a very big innovation of keplerswap as a matter of fact.

Explained below are ways to participate in keplerswap space;

Ø Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance: this is to initiate a vote and provide complete decentralized governance, this is the spirit of blockchain which keplerswap has been advocating, even though this feature doesn’t exist in other swaps but only keplerswap, hence one of the uniqueness of keplerswap.

Keplerswap makes up for this lack of innovation in space. The space owner can initiate a governance proposal and gain valuable votes, the official will then join in the governance of the proposal together with the community which is similar to the petition filled with a government organization.

Ø The second feature is that space owners are able to earn a voluminous amount of money from two sources.

· You can be a space owner to receive additional rewards in real time. The more space members you invite to participate in the total amount of liquidity, the more rewards the space creator will receive.

· Secondly, there will be a vote every 30 days in space, the top 20 space in terms of vote will receive an equal share of the bonuses accumulated over 30 days in space pool. This is another way to accumulate additional money. For instance, if the user A has 200 users under their space and has generated over $100,000 liquidity on that day, user A will get 1% of the $100,000 as a bonus instantly vis-à-vis if the space created by user A is ranked in the top 20 space votes and if the space pool has accumulated $2,000,000 as bonuses for that month, user A can receive $100,000 of it as a reward.

So if you have the right conditions, grab this opportunity and create a space of your own. Hitherto, space innovations have surpassed the vast majority of swaps in the decentralized exchange (DEX) fields and subsequently will lead to a trend that more swaps will imitate space in the future.



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