The reward-winning engine of Keplerswap

It is not surprising anymore to hear that humans are habitual in nature and tend to expect a kind of reward after carrying out a specific task, just like people work to get paid at the end of the month or get involved in businesses for the profit in return. In addition, reward is something that you get because you have done something good, very helpful or have worked so hard for the furtherance of a particular course.

An experience is reward-winning when there is a collection of events or other activities from which an individual or group may gather to carry out certain tasks or exercises which comes with exciting packages. Keplerswap project is here to leave a testimony to its reward-winning experience. As an interested and excited user that you are reading this article, below are ways to participate:

1. Before your needs can be catered for, you have to be a part of keplerswap community and here are the links to our various community handles



2. The next step you take is to click on the test link:

3. You now move on to filling the test form to receive the keplerswap project test token either in USDT/SDS, your choice. Here’s the link to the form:

4. Without the test token, you can’t complete the exercise of experiencing KeplerSwap, you can also fill this form below:

5. Unlike airdrops, users who do well to complete all the tasks and fill up forms get 10SDS and in addition to that, users among the first 1000 are also entitled to 10SDS. So if you fall among the two, then your own Christmas is here.

It is believed that justice has been done to the reward winning experience with KeplerSwap and all the aforementioned plan is scheduled for 5 days which already commenced on the 20th of October, 10am (UTC+0) through to 25th of October, 10am (UTC+0) being the last day.

On a final note, it is pertinent I bring to your attention that keplerswap worldwide launch date is 27th of October 2021 (which is today), so for this reason I advise that you get your bags stacked up with the keplerswap native token (SDS) so you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime and one in a million opportunity!