The unveiling of the keplerswap project

According to the short-term Roadmap presented on the KeplerSwap official website, the SDS presale is scheduled on Oct. 15th, followed by the global beta test on Oct. 20th and the formal launch of KeplerSwap on Oct. 27th! Based on this Roadmap, you can strive to be included in the Whitelist.

It is no longer news that keplerswap has kept his promises by having its sds public sale on 15th Oct and we await the global beta test on 20th Oct with the official launch on 27th Oct. as promised.

The cryptocurrency market becomes unsurmountable as more project emerge making it more difficult to identify good opportunities but all thanks to keplerswap. SDS is the governance and utility token of the Keplerswap Defi2.0 ecosystem, with which every holder has the right to participate in governance, reward payments and much more.

Keplerswap is the most interesting project to look out for especially because of some of its unique features such as lucky pool rewards, space and liquidity pledge awards. SDS will remain a medium of exchange on the keplerswap ecosystem. And now with the commencement of the global public sale for sds token, as we all know that initial tokens tend to do really well. Just like the case of $Uni which went from the initial $0.48 to $22, now let’s just imagine what happens after a three to six months of keplerswap going live it will be massive. I am almost sure that keplerswap (the governance token; sds) will hit more than $10 before the end of the year 2021 in my non-financial advice.

It is not uncommon for projects to get listed for two times, four times, eight times or even more of its original presale price and keplerswap is no different if not better. The time to unveil the next generational project that we have been waiting for has come and the wait is finally over. Let’s hop on the train quickly people!



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Adeniyi Adedeji

Blockchain enthusiast, content writer and a customer experience professional.